Watching over…

18 02 2009

Watching students is weird, specially after a couple of years watching people all over the city from different races, creed, sexual orientation, color and gender.
There they are. Sitting on their desks, doing exercises and also doing things they are doing. Things that’ll define them in the future. Hand gestures, facial expressions, at most, body language.
Some boys play with their hands or even with their fingers showing that they are expecting something, others end up making gestures that show what kind of person they’ll be. Gay, straight or even Bi. Everybody is going to be something someday.
In front of my former home there was a famous restaurant, I used to watch people park their cars. I have absolutely nothing against women but they take longer to park maybe it’s because of the difficulty on maps and reading directions.
Some men like myself also have the inability to do such things, not a complete inability, I can park the car, and so can they.
I was also amazed by the fact that women car drive and put make up on at the same time. If I were a woman I would always get out of the car looking like a mess.
But that’s beside the point. The point is, when we are young we do things that will guide us forever, or evn will lead us. That’s why we all, should have some kind of support for all our decisions. Even if they are against YOUR point of view!




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22 02 2009


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